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Valley View Farm

Valley View Farm

Recently we had the opportunity to shoot at the AMAZING Valley View Farm in Haydenville, Mass. We definitely recommend it if you're aiming for a farm wedding. Sue and the staff were great to work with and the scenery is incredible. Below is more info from their site along with our recent wedding film shot there and a few images.

"For you, I think this farm will do. There is beauty and history here on Valley View Farm. Explore it with your closest friends and family. Try 120 acres in Western Massachusetts. Try the Mill River, and the little organic gardens along it. Try ponds and orchards, pastures and horses. Think farm-fresh food, or a breezy hilltop with a view of the world and sunset that you will long to return to. 

Valley View Farm is an authentic working farm and hidden gem. Weddings at the farm can be casual with a dash of cool, or a pastoral inspired and elaborate gala. Imagine exchanging hand written wedding vows in the flower garden, the blossoming apple orchard, or under a sprawling hickory tree with a beautiful backdrop of horses and woodland hills. There is no limit to the pictures you can paint here. You can get married anywhere and everywhere.

Maybe you imagine your wedding revelers enjoying a late campfire, jam session or lingering after party under a sky full of stars or warmly lit patio. And maybe you’ll all wake up together with the sun and complete the weekend with a lazy scene-of-the-crime brunch the following day.

Valley View Farm -

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This Is the #1 Thing Brides Regret Not Spending *More* Money On

This Is the #1 Thing Brides Regret Not Spending *More* Money On

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"Maybe the 154 Veuve Clicquot mini bottle party favors was a bit of an overspend. And sure, you didn’t need $800 Valentino wedding shoes that you ripped off as soon as the ceremony was over. OK, and fine, you probably shouldn’t have paid a “dresser” for the night whose soul job was to clip in your veil and bustle your gown.

Yeah, it’s no big surprise that couples have some budget regrets. But Zola’s Wedding Planning Survey found that one-third of recently married folks actually wish they spent more money on this one thing: a videographer.  

Yep, 35 percent of couples admit that if they could do one thing over again, they’d go back and hire someone to film their wedding day. But if you heed the wisdom of the crowd, make sure you pick a choice videographer—25 percent of people who did hire videographers still wish they spent more money on the service. That’s something your rarely hear. 

So there you have it: A picture’s worth a thousand words, but a smartly edited video is worth a much bigger slice of your wedding budget." - Dara Katz  of

We get emails all the time asking if we can fix someones wedding film and there is usually nothing we can do. Wedding Films can look like old school home videos or they can look like cinematic Hollywood films, there is a price difference for sure but every bride of ours has said it was worth it.

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